Achyut Palav

The discussion on Indian calligraphy cannot be complete without the mention of Achyut Palav. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Palav graduated in applied art from the Sir J.J. School of Applied Art in 1982, specializing in lettering and typology. He has to his credit a thesis on the Modi script, for which he was awarded the Research Scholarship which was published into a diary. He later taught at  Sir J.J. School of Applied Art for a while.
He has learnt from and worked with the eminent calligraphers like Late Shri. R.K.Joshi & Professor Werner Schneider.  

This calligrapher and painter, has elevated the status of handwriting into an eloquent art form. His letters seek the hidden subtlety, energy and emotions behind words and capture their meaning in an artistic manner. He goes beyond just putting pen to paper to a form of expression and style. He has successfully worked in fusing calligraphy with performing arts.

Two series of his paintings have found a place of prominence & honor in the Stiftung Archives, Germany and most recently the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow. His artworks are a part of the archive at Klingspor Museum, Offenbach, near Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.
Through his various exhibitions and workshops in India and abroad, he has demonstrated calligraphy in English & Devnagari. Mr. Palav has scores of publications, exhibitions and awards to his name.