Artist: Rajendra Kumar Shyam

Size - 13.5"h x 11"w

Acrylic and Ink on Paper


About the Art

 Like the Hindu culture worship of many gods and goddess and belief with supernatural powers are common among the Gonds too. One of the largest tribal communities in South Asia, the Gonds, are mainly found in Madhya Pradesh and its surrounding States. Gond paintings which is mostly “two-dimensional” in style cover numerous themes such as folk stories, religion, nature etc. Their art may be bursting with flamboyant hues or more controlled, in the simple sophistication use of black and white. The owl is considered the most beautiful bird in Gond folktales. The tale goes to tell that though peacock was picked to be the most beautiful bird in a voting poll among the birds, she took too long to get ready on the day of coronation. The owl thus stepped forward and self proclaimed the title by convincing others that owls are nocturnal and can move their heads all around which the peacocks cant. The artwork shows the owl getting coronated as the most beautiful bird according to Gond tales of humor and wittiness.


About the Artist

Rajendra Kumar Shyam, an established Gond artist was born in Patangarh on July 20, 1982. The Gonds are a folk indigenous to the Gondwana region in Central India. They express themselves through song, dance, and festivals. Their art form draws from the wildlife and forests surrounding them, and replicates the vibrant hues and rich textures seen in their community. Shyam took to the Gondi style at an early age. He has participated in "Gond Painters Camp" organised by Lalit Academy Kerala. His works are collected all over.


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