Limited Edition

Fine Art Limited Edition Prints means the artist/studio has committed to only producing a limited number of prints either in silk screen printing, Giclee or any other method so determined by the artist. The artist also decides the size of the edition, and all prints are individually numbered and signed. 15/100 means this is the 15th print out of 100.
Such editions allow more people to enjoy and own these works of art. After the edition is sold out no more prints will be made, making it a limited edition. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


"Silkscreen prints is like the silk route to satisfy people's need of collecting works of art, as original paintings are incapable to go deep into common man's pocket."
"A print is for people with more taste than money. Over the years the price of original paintings have gone beyond reach. I have to think twice to own my own paintings!" -
M.F. Husain


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