Prokash Karmakar

Prokash Karmakar (1933 – 2014) was a preeminent artist from Kolkata, West Bengal. Karmakar is best known for his landscapes and nudes, which are generally painted in vibrant colors with bold lines and intricate textures. His paintings reflect his perception and interpretation of nature (both orderly and chaotic), life (both rural and urban), and form (from soft to sharp), without reference to religion. His figures are remarkable for their eloquent distortions and intensity of life. His passion lies in the figurative portrayal of women, especially with swirling and twisting patterns, and he is able to express the sensuality of the female form admirably in his art.

Prokash studied at the Government College of Arts & Crafts in Kolkata. He also received a French fellowship and studied art in Paris. In 1968, he won the National Award for painting.


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