Rahim Mirza

Rahim Mirza was born in 1969 and received his degree in printmaking from Bharat Bhavan in 1996. He has exhibited in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad and his work has earned him numerous awards, including the Raza Foundation Award in 2005, the Madhya Pradesh State Award in 1997 and the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Award in 1996.

Rahim Mirza employs the leaf as his muse, generating variations on this single theme in each image. In one print, a single translucent leaf sits on a horizon of sapphire and teal blues; in another, layers of bright orange leaves emanate from a radius against a yellow backdrop; in another, semi-transparent blue and green leaves in seeming disarray are marked by a single, more visible leaf, posed as though an afterthought. In each print, the shape of the leaf is the same, suggesting a perennial omnipresence of the form.