Ram Thorat

 After two decades in the advertising industry Ram Thorat parted ways to yield to his love for colors and painting. A disciple of Mr. Pant Jambhalikar, he is deeply influenced by works of Mr. Thota Vaikuntham, Mr. Kalyan Shete and many other contemporary artist giving a final credit to life in itself with its unpredictable ebbs and tides and the vagaries of its scope.
His painting has a distinct aura of spiritualism and mirror Indian spiritual traditions. The theme is contemporary, the subject matter age old as if the past has been realized in the present. These canvases are spontaneous explorations of prayer and resemble chants of purity. The artist's inspirations, apart from Buddha, are those that come from the Indian soil; he mixes mythology and fact and arrives at abstractions step by step. 

There are several layer's of color in Ram Thorat's workmanship. The creation of his layering and textures are like a meditation for him, delving deep into the spirituality of Buddha's third eye, that Thorat believes, exists in all of us which we must simply seek.
He has exhibited widely in Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi. His works have been acquired by many art collectors all over India as well as abroad.