Rameshwar Singh

Rameshwar Singh (b.1948) is from Rajasthan. He received his Masters in Drawing and Painting from Udaipur University in 1982. He has a fascination for antiquity which reflects in his paintings. Though the subject matter may be old-fashioned, the treatment is novel. Through his paintings, he pays tribute to his cultural tradition that, he believes, can never be outdated. Blending the past with the present and striking a right balance in the process which has helped him in establishing his identity.

His main source of inspiration is ancient scriptures, architecture and obviously his own state of Rajasthan, which is rich with art traditions.Old calligraphy, scripts and architecture frequently appear in his work. Artifacts like vessels, music instruments, games, toys and prints that speak so much of the rich tradition. His canvasses are textured and layered over and over. Perhaps he hates leaving any empty space on canvass and embellishes and decorates every object. He profusely uses different scriptures like Arabic, Persian, Urdu and even English. This reflects India's diverse and layered visual culture is on the eyes.

About his work, fellow painter F. N. Souza has commented "His paintings are very compact; there's a lot in them: figures, forms, and mythological content. Very colorful too. The forms are carefully constructed; there''s craftsmanship in his work, and skill. Sort of magic mantras and omens appear mysteriously in Rameshwar's paintings."