Upasana Jain

Upasana is an architect by education and profession. She has her bachelors’ degree in architecture from KRVIA,
Mumbai, India and Masters’ degree from Pratt University, New York USA. Having spent ten years living and
working as an architect in USA and after toying with photography as a hobby, Upasana decided to venture into
photography professionally about two years ago. Upasana’s work today encompasses digit fine art, natural light
portraiture, natural and urban landscapes and architecture and interiors. Upasana favors simple and natural light
compositions, shot in early morning, late afternoon or evening light. She prefers large-scale urban architecture
compositions and occasionally experiments with photography software (today’s dark room) to generate digital art.
Upasana remembers, “For much of my life I raced through incredible architecture and landscapes on my way to achieving professional and personal goals, rarely stopping to enjoy the light, spaces, details and natural view.” But now she is dedicated to the photographic art because “it forces me to stop and take a moment to capture what surrounds me.”