Creation of Earth

Artist: Anil Vangad

Size - 34"h x 35"w

Red Mud and Waterbased Color on Cotton


About the Artist

Tucked away in a small Warli village in Maharashtra, north of the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai is a talented artist – Anil Chaitya Vangade. He has been painting since the last 17 years experimenting in themes of Gods, Goddess and themes of weddings and the famous tarpa dance from the Warli culture. Since there is no written script of their language all their folktales and legends are depicted in a pictorial manner that have passed down from one generation to another. It is the artist mother who influenced him and taught him how to paint. He still prefers to use the tradition mediums of gerue, rice paste, charcoal and cow dung with the use of synthetic paints and dyes. Anil Vangad is a not just passionate about his painting but also farming which is the traditional occupation of the Warlis. He has a vision and zeal to take the Warli art forward by incorporating the good of the modern world as well as retaining their traditions.


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