Hunting Birds

Artist: Balu Mashe

Size - 14"h x 19"w

Acrylic on Cotton Cloth


About the Art

The Warli tribe are mainly located in the Thane District of Maharashtra. The forest plays a pivotal role in shaping the Warli culture.The artist choose themes mainly from nature. Here the artist has shown a scene of capturing birds showcasing a beautiful backdrop of stylized vegetation.


About the Artist

Balu Mashe is a son of Soma Jivya Mashe, legendary Warli painter. He has had the opportunity to participate in many exhibitions in India and abroad, especially in Japan. The Mithila Museum located in Niigata, Japan which is   dedicated to showcasing  Mithila Art of Nepal, regularly hosts artists from the Warli tribe, Balu Mashe being one.  He is among the many artists to stay and work legally in Japan.

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