Artist : Ladoo Bai

Size - 14"h x 22"w

Acrylic on Paper


About the Art

The Bhils, India’s second largest tribal community, live in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Bhil artists tell their story through paintings. Everything connected with the Bhil life is painted – the Sun, the Moon, the animals, trees, insects, rivers, fields, mythological figures, and their  gods. The Bhils, like all adivasis, live close to nature.


About the Artist


Ladoo Bai, a Bhil artist who is in her late 50’s comes from the tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh with tattoos adorning her face and arms. She draws her inspiration from nature, flora and fauna, rituals and festivals, Bhil gods and goddesses depicting them in the centuries-old Bhil style which is steeped in ethnic animism and spirituality. Ladoo Bai like many other ethnic fresco painters of her generation is making new statements through her art within the ambit of traditions.
She switched to paper from the mud walls of her tribal home under the tutelage of Jagdish Swaminathan, who set up the art center Roopanker in Bharat Bhavan in 1981.
Ladoo Bai works as an artist at the Adivasi Lok Kala Academy. Her works are in private collection of both national and international patrons.



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