Bodhi ( Enlightenment)

Artist: Yogi Sunando Basu

Size : 36"h x 36"w

Oil on Canvas 


About the Art

Bodhi - is a Sanskrit word which means enlightenment or awakening. A person is said to reach a state of enlightenment when he is free of all thoughts that disturb his mind.  According to Buddhism, bodhi or a distraction free mind is reached when one eliminates greed, hate and illusions from his mind.

In this painting, enlightenment is depicted with the shades of blue and yellow. Yellow is said to be the color of optimism and emotional strength. As seen in the painting, a yellow light is emerging from the surrounding darkness. This light is brightest in the center. This brightness represents the enlightenment one achieves through years of spiritual practice and meditation. - Sunando Basu


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