Full Moon

Artist: Madan Meena

Paper Size - 11.5"h x 40"w
Silk-Screen on Paper
Limited Edition of 22


About the Artist

As an artist, Madan Meena’s art has been inspired by the rural art forms including traditional art objects, textile, jewelry and the colorful costumes worn by the people of Rajasthan.

“I see myself as a circle emerging out from and getting inflated from enormous influences and inspirations. I call it- My circle of life. Like an explorer my journey of practicing art to anthropological researches continues aspiring for some new and unheard re-discoveries…”


About the Print

This print is screen-printed on archival paper by the artist who decides the number of impressions to be made, calling it an edition. Each print is then numbered and signed by the artist.
Such editions allow more people to enjoy and own these works of art. After the edition is sold out no more prints will be made, making it a limited edition.

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