The Mascot

Artist: Dileep Sharma

Paper Size - 21"h x 33"w
Ink-Jet Print on Paper
Limited Edition of 50


About the Artist

Dileep Sharma did his MFA in printmaking from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. The motifs in his work stand out as similes of his experiences of the place he belong to, further juxtaposed with his contemporary existence in an urban setting. The generated imprints of artist’s psyche are idiomatic expressions of the modernist vocabularies and globalist idiosyncrasies. This print Mascot is a conjunction of current state of regime changes and transitions in patriarchal society and gender roles, which the artist has symbolized via tomboy cavorting on the back of an anthropomorphized boar, iconic of Varha from Indian mythology, who once resurrected the earth from deluge and established the new cycle of life.


About the Print

This print is a ink-jet print on archival paper with the involvement and approval of the artist who decides the number of impressions to be made for a particular artwork, calling it an edition. Each print is then numbered and signed by the artist.
Such editions allow more people to enjoy and own these works of art. After the edition is sold out no more prints will be made, making it a limited edition.

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