Mumbai Monsoon

Artist: Upasana Jain


Size - 8"h x 10"w

Limited Edition of 10


"Mumbai an ever changing city transforms dramatically during monsoons. The traffic stalls with potholes emerging all over the city road, the trains stop with flooding of the tracks, the trees fall at the time of a heavy downpour and roofs leak due to poor construction. What really doesn’t seem to change is Mumbaikars’s spirit of braving it all with heightened enthusiasm. Mumbai Monsoon series 2012 is a visual diary of selected twelve images of many taken with a camera phone from a closed side glass window of a moving car while stuck in traffic during one such heavy downpour. The fifty minute ride quickly turned into three hour commute to work, but with closed windows and rain dripping over the glass, a painting like visual experience was produced with each image, leading to a rainy window view an ever changing city and its resilient people."

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